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Your Wedding Flowers

Four Seasons' DIY Florist understands just how special your wedding day is.  To help you make that day everything you want it to be, make an appointment with one of our experienced design experts.  We offer a wide variety of design options to fit any need or budget.

We here at Four Seasons' DIY Florist offer all of the design and floral services of a traditional full-service florist.  With more than 25 years of experience, Four Seasons DIY Florist is a name you can trust to make sure that your flowers will help to make your wedding as special as you envision.  From your initial consultation with one of our design experts, to the final delivery of your wedding flowers on the day of the ceremony, our designers are here to help you and to take care of you and your flowers from start to finish.

Do you prefer a more hands-on approach?  Are you the creative type who likes to take part in the process?  Are you on a budget and want to get as much out of your dollar as you can?  The DIY Florsit can help you there as well.  If you want a new experience for your wedding flower selection, talk to us about choosing a Design-It-Yourself (DIY) option!

During your initial consultation with one of our design experts you can pick the style, color, and type of flowers that are just right for you.  Once you have decided on the right look and feel for your special day, it is time for the design party.  At your design party, the bride and up to five or six of her friends, relatives, or bridal party members come together in our facility to put together the flowers you have chosen.  You can even bring wine, refreshments and goodies if you like!  Present throughout the entire design party will be one of our expert designers to help answer questions, guide you along your way, and assist you step-by-step.  With a DIY party, you never have to go it alone!

When the flowers are put together, your designs finished, and everything is how you want it, just store your flowers on-site with us in our large walk-in cooler.  On the day of the wedding you can have someone pick them up or have us deliver them to the venue for you.

By choosing the DIY option you can save 30-40%, or more, off the cost of your wedding flowers.  The DIY Florist buys direct from the growers, in larger quantities, which translates to bigger savings for you and your DIY floral experience.  From roses to hydrangeas, we have the options to meet your needs, your tastes, and your budget.

Do you want to experience the fun of designing your own wedding flowers, but don't feel comfortable doing it all yourself?  Don't worry, The DIY Florist has you covered.  You can still experience the fun of putting together your wedding flowers yourself, but leave the larger, more complex, pieces to our experienced designers.

Whatever your needs, and whatever your budget, the experts at Four Seasons' DIY Florist will be there to help you every step of the way.

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